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W. L. Lavoie Goldsmith, Inc

An independent contractor working with jewelry stores, jewelry designers, and businesses with jewelry merchandise.

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Goldsmith Repair Services

Over 30 years of fine jewelry repair
14 years laser welding experience

Fine Jewelry Repair

Laser Welding

Goldsmith Studio
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Jewelry Making Over Heat


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Full range of fine jewelry repair

I am able to provide a wide range of jewelry repair to all types of metals, including the following:

  • ring sizing

  • chain and bracelet repair

  • shank repair and replacement

  • prong repair and replacement

  • stone setting

  • laser repairs

Creation of custom, unique jewelry pieces

Custom creations from inherited, heirloom, or family pieces can create a new and meaningful piece.

Taking wedding band sets and creating a pendant is a special and meaningful way to honor a loved one and to keep their memories close to heart.

Gold Jewelry

Laser welding

Utilizing state of the art laser welding technology enables me to weld in complex situations that are virtually impossible to do by traditional methods.

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PO Box 474
Sturbridge, MA 01566

(508) 330-7153

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